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tolaughandlove's Journal

18 December
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I love looking at Teen Vogue, and it educates me on my fashion sense(As if I had a sense of fashion).
I usually get over my crushes.
I don’t believe in gossip.Just shut up and go away.
I hate it when my dad talks about my brother; it feels like he’s stabbing him in the back.
I love taking pictures...
I love flowers. :)
I enjoy my beanie, but my dad probably hates it.
Sleep is the only good cure for bad days.
I don’t need drugs to have fun, just give me sugar straight from the bag.
I can’t live without ice cream.
I would rather go to London than China or Taiwan.
I usually don’t get along with hypocrites.
I support books.
I’ll take the blame, unless it’s not my fault.
I know I have flaws, blame my parents.
I think I’m spoiled, but my friends tell me otherwise…
I abhor country music; it’s not my style.
I think mixes are pretty.
Pop music is really creepy.
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